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/ Tuesday, February 15, 2011 /
I'm just gonna write this entry in order to get some of my thoughts out. I feel like sometimes writing, just for the sake of writing, is a sort of enjoyment in itself. It allows one to express one's feelings without any limitations whatsoever. And that kind of freedom is pure, ethereal bliss...

Anyways, so today I'm gonna write about some of my favorite things from life.
0. Family: My parents and younger sister, who are always there for me and love me unconditionally.
1. Friends: My pals, chums, buddies, who always support me, criticize me informatively, tell me interesting things, teach me things about life, and go through life's turmoils and triumphs with me. We are all in one boat, and that boat keeps on rocking till we reach our final stop in life. Thanks for being in the "same boat" as me =D
2. Facebook: so useful for keeping up with friends!
3. Pencils: number 2 pencils have kept me going in this world for a long long time.
4. Vitamins: of course you need your daily dose of goodness! (Vitamin C Goodness go!)
5. Camis: very versatile piece of clothing
6. Jeans: After HS, I decided I never really wanted to wear khakis again (unless if I absolutely had to). You guys are awesome.
7. Earrings: dangly ones especially. Aren't they pretty?
8. Gum: a healthy alternative to candy! I didn't learn how to blow bubbles until HS (sad, I know). But even before then they were awesome for keeping one's breath fresh and also having lots of fun with.
9. Nalgene water bottles: So environmentally-friendly, not needing to buy new Ozarka water bottles from the store anymore, instead just refilling the same bottle again and again!
10. Coffee mugs: great for morning waker-upers. Perfect for sipping green tea with!

I'll post another one of these "fave things" later - this is just a rambling for now. There are so many things I like in life - definitely more than the 10 listed above.

Happiness in the sunset of the day...

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