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/ Tuesday, February 15, 2011 /
Here are some very good makeup tutorials - especially for Asian women. Lots of Asian women have monolids (and this really sucks sometimes, trust me!) and here are some things that I think might help:

Stuff from bubzbeauty:

1. "No Makeup Makeup"

2. "Winter Baby"

3. Rainy Weather

4. Drugstore makeup

5. Makeup for glasses

6. Brown Smokey Eye

7. Flirty Autumn

8. Summer Makeup

9. Fantasy Look

10. 2-Minute Face

11. Hypnotic look

12. Spring Makeup

13. Romantic evening look

14. Pin-up doll look

15. Clubbing Makeup

16. Smokey Bronze

17. Winter Everyday

18. Autumn Makeup

19. Beautiful vampire

20. 5-min school makeup

21. Bigger and rounder eyes

22. Asian Hannah Montana

23. Sexy Smokey Eye

24. Smokey Green Eye

25. Ayumi Hamasaki

There! I hope 25 looks was good enough for ya'll. I'll do stuff from more makeup gurus later. But for now, peace!


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