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/ Monday, February 28, 2011 /
1.There's an interesting, rather inexpensive tool that I've always found perplexing. I'm perplexed not as to how it's used, or why it's used, but rather, why it's sold the way that it's sold in.

Why would anyone market an eyeliner pencil sharpener the way that it is marketed in?

I went on shopping.google.com today and found these deals for the pencil sharpeners. All images are from shopping.google.com.

1. DuWop Beauty Blade, Antibacterial Dual Eye and Lip Pencil Sharpener

large image
Price: $13.99!!!!!

Beautique Dual Point <em>Eye</em> / Lip <em>Pencil Sharpener</em> 
Price: $2.99!!!

M·A·C <em>Pencil Sharpener</em>/Small
Price: $6.00!!!!

Even one of my fave brands, Estee Lauder, has a pencil sharpener that is kinda pricey:
Estée Lauder <em>Pencil Sharpener</em>,
Price: $6.00!!!

I seriously don't understand the point of buying one of these, even the most inexpensive one:
Clinique Lip & <em>Eye Pencil Sharpener</em> NO COLOR One Size
Price: $1

I got a normal, plastic pencil sharpener exclusively for my eye pencils. It was originally meant for #2 pencils we use to write with and stuff, but instead I gave it an alternate purpose: for my eye pencils. It works just fine. And guess what? I got it for 5 cents. Wow. Seriously.

So, even though I know that these sharpeners listed above ARE much cheaper than just about any other makeup product you can find, one can probably save more by using just a normal, plain pencil sharpener for normal #2 pencils. Heck, my little sister just got one of them in a birthday party goody bag the other day for free. Why not use something as cheap as that?

Much <3, chynagrl


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