Finally over cold!

/ Thursday, February 17, 2011 /
I just got over a giant cold (1.5 weeks long) and feel sooo much better now. PTL! It sucked while I was sick.

Here is a presentation of the journey (+ reviews of the products I used):

Symptoms: Headache, stuffy nose, incessant coughing, chest hurting, ears throbbing and popping (or muted), sinuses clogged, lymph nodes swollen, lethargy, torpor, pale/yellowish skin color. Ugh. That was so bad....

My regiment? This was crazy...

1. Theraflu
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This tastes ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. You have to drink ~2 tablespoons for a full dose, and I had to keep on flushing down the terrible taste with tons of water. Ugh.

2. When the Theraflu was finished, Dayquil:

Not as bad tasting, but still tasted pretty bad. Washed down w/ lots of water.

3. To KO myself at night:

Had a cherry taste, so better than theraflu, but still had to wash down with water...

4. Cough drops

5. Vit C supplements

6. Tissues! I must've used up 2 boxes of these. Crazy things....

Hurt my nose after awhile. My nose got all raw and everything, and it hurt to blow my nose :(

7. Vicks Vaporub

To counteract how tissues were scraping my skin raw. It was really nice and relieving. Smelled good too.

8. Lysol spray (for disinfectant)

Smelled bad, of course, but necessary.

I seriously must've spent at least $40 on this stuff. Why do I keep on spending so much $$? Anyways I still have most of my Dayquil and some Nyquil left over, as well as the vaporub, lysol, etc left. I used like 90 cough drops and vit c supplements, till literally my throat burned. It really really really sucked. Ugh.

The good thing is that now I'm finally over it - yay!!! And also the weather's finally cleared up, it's nice and sunny all the time, no more crazy snow warnings and stuff. I get to wear all of the pretty sundresses I bought over break! Of course, with a cardigan too...

Anyways that's all I have for now. I feel so much better! Yahoo!!!


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