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/ Sunday, February 27, 2011 /
Hi guys and gals!

I got a new haul from ELF today, hooray! I'm opening up the neat little packages one by one and am going to review them all for ya'll =D Afterwards, I'll put up another review for all of the other stuff I got earlier this week just for kicks.

1. ELF Mineral 5 Piece Brush Set

These brushes are really, really nice. In an earlier haul, I ordered just a full-size All-Over Eyeshadow Brush. I absolutely fell in love with it. I liked it so much that I decided to get a full set of 5 brushes. This set includes:
1. Complexion brush - I don't really use this since I don't put on blush or foundation (only eye makeup).
2. Eyeliner brush - I have another eyeliner brush that I'm currently using from Estee Lauder, but this one is very comparable to it!
3. Concealer brush - I like using this to put on my highlighting eyeshadow.
4. All-over eyeshadow brush - Once again, my love. I love using this for my eyeshadows - after all, that's why it's called an "eyeshadow" brush!
5. Lash & Brow comb - I have another one that's from Estee Lauder, but this one I think is actually better. My Estee Lauder brush is actually bent out of shape and is ~5 years old, but I hardly use it, so I guess it doesn't really matter, but lately I've been using mascara again (for the first time in years! since upperclassman years in HS I think) I think I might try this brush, especially since my Estee Lauder brush is kinda messed up.
6. Bag (hemp + cotton)

Keep in mind that these brushes are NOT the actual full-size ones you would get if you got them each individually. I have very small hands, though, so I guess it doesn't really matter. After all, I got this whole kit for $15, and if I were to get each brush individually, it would be $25, not to mention the bag, which I don't think is sold separately (at least to my knowledge). Thus, I think this is a GREAT bargain!

Also, about the brushes, these brushes are REALLY REALLY soft and fluffy. They have great coverage and are easily washable. I'll include a tutorial on how to wash brushes later, no worries. And of course, these brushes are eco-friendly and made of taklon and bamboo, so totally good for the environment! Be green!

2. Zit zapper

I have very, very acne prone skin. It's so sad. I'm supposed to be finally past that stage of life where you get your breakouts and then are finally over them, but I STILL get them all the time. It's so annoying and sad too. Acne can really really damage your self-confidence - growing up, I hated getting acne. I felt like a virtual endless pimple machine. It was really sad. I haven't tried this out, but I got it because of all of the rave reviews about it. I'll post a review on all of the acne stuff that I have later as well and how all of the products I've tried/used have worked out. I'm pretty hopeful about this one =D

3. Eyelid primer
Eyelid Primer

There was actually an actual "eyeshadow primer" from the Minerals Line that cost $3, but I read some reviews about it, and it seemed like these two products actually did the same thing, plus this product apparently has more "product" to it (ounce-wise) than the other, so I decided to get it. It's only $1!!! I tried it, and it really is pretty good. I've read reviews everywhere, and EVERYONE seems to rave about Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I would love to get it, but alas, I am a poor college student, and cannot afford any of this stuff. Thus, I get the cheapest alternative that, while may not be as good, will still get the job done. Hence this.

4. Mango Madness Nail Polish

All nail polishes from ELF are $1 each. What a bargain, just like Wet N' Wild's! when I got this, it was actually labeled as "Rosy Raisin", which puzzled me, until I saw on the order notice that they were actually mislabeled. The actual color is actually darker than the picture shown above, but still, I think it's really pretty. I like it!

5. Glitter Glam Nail Polish

Once again, only $1. This was really really pretty, seriously. I really like it. I think all of the ELF nail polishes area really nice. A good buy.

6. Mini Glitter Makeup Collection

I was kinda disappointed by this, especially because when I got it one of the eyeshadows was actually smashed up completely into pieces. Yes, I know, it was the shipping's fault, but I wish that ELF had packed the package more tightly at the warehouse so that I would get an intact product. Oh Well, at least the glitters are still pretty, and the rest of the case was intact. It cost me a total of $15, the same price as the mineral brushes set. We'll see how it goes!

6. Nouveau Neutrals Brightening Eye Color Quad

I would've put up ELF's official picture for it, but it's really really misleading.
Here's the original picture from the ELF website:

Compare the two pictures again. They are completely different! The shade second to the left is actually a coniferous green color (at least in my eyes), and is really pretty. I like doing a green-neutral eye with this quad, but if you want to get ANY serious color, you HAVE to put on a ton of powder. You have to pack on a lot. And also, these do not have much staying power - they fade after 3-4 hours, which kinda sucks, even with eye primer and stuff on. Oh well, I guess that's what I have to deal with since I am on a (sucky) budget, and this was free after all (it came with the package as a free gift) so I should not complain XD

So that's the end of my ELF haul. I'll post more reviews, tutorials, etc later! See ya'll!


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