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/ Wednesday, January 16, 2013 /

Inspired by Secretlifeofabionerd, this hair removal wax recipe has saved a lot of waxing frustrations, money, and time.

Don't want to spend $10 or even $15 on a trip to the spa for eyebrow waxing? Well, you can make one right at home with your own ingredients, and very simply too =D

-2 tsp brown sugar (A giant bag for $2)
-1 tsp honey ($3-$5 for a large bottle)
-1 tsp water (don't need to state the price for this one)

-Popsicle sticks (I recommend the normal sized ones for eyebrows, and the big ones if you want to use it for leg hair removal) ($3 for about 150 at Michael's)
-Strips of cotton cloth (cost me $2 for a pretty large piece at the Joann's)

Directions (preparation):
1. Pour together everything.
2. Pop in the microwave for about 30 sec. Stop right after the mixture starts to boil.
3. Let cool for 10 min.
4. Strips of cloth: cut into about 3'' x 1'' strips.

Directions (waxing):
1. Spread the waxing formula onto the area of interest with a popsicle stick.
2. Use the strips of cloth to cover the wax and smooth it over. Then, pull the cloth in the opposite direction that the hair runs.
3. Wash off excess with water.
4. Tweeze stray hairs as necessary.

I personally liked this a lot more than the store-bought kits and than the salon done ones because (1) it's a lot cheaper than all other options, (2) it works effectively, (3) you can use stuff you've already got in the house, (4) you can just wash the wax off with water rather than having to cover it with other messy stuffs, etc. It does do the job!

I personally recommend this wax recipe. It really does work. I still have a ton of wax material, popsicle sticks, and strips of cloth left that I can use many, many times - perhaps up to 30-40 waxing sessions, really. That's basically about ~3 years worth of waxing material, for about $12!

Price comparison (in my experience, rough estimates):
Kits bought in store for 3 years: 5 x $5 = $25
Salon visits: 18 x $12 = $216
See how much money this saves?

I don't think I want to buy kits from the store anymore, nor do I think I will need those salon visits any time soon. This is good enough!~


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