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/ Friday, June 8, 2012 /
Murad Eye Lift Perfector Natural 

I got a sample of this "Eye Perfector", aka concealer, from my March MyGlam Bag.

Cost: $38 on for 0.06 oz

According to the MyGlam website, this product is supposed to be a concealer that "follows the natural tint of your skin". Aka, it doesn't have to be color matched to be a particular skin color; it will just blend itself right in.

I used this to cover up my dark circles just like I normally would. I dabbed a bit of it onto my undereye circles and used it in conjunction with my normal Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer.


Well, I'll tell you this for sure. It does match pretty well to my skin, but at a price. Granted, it did blend into my skin and did not look like I had giant white circles under my eyes or something. However, it was extremely sheer and did not provide a lot of coverage. The reason why I had to use the Maybelline concealer was because the Eye Perfector was not covering enough. (I have super dark eye circles, fyi).

I also noticed that after ~1 hr, the material started to get cakey onto my skin. It was not because of the Maybelline concealer; I tried it with and without the Maybelline (meaning, the Murad by itself, the Murad + Maybelline, the Maybelline by itself) both times with the Murad it got cakey, chalky. I'm not sure why, but that was just the case. And I personally don't like that feeling.

So, thus, what are the pros and cons?
Pros: Blends in nicely with skin tone
Con: Becomes cakey/caked onto the skin after awhile, doesn't last very long
Neutral (could be pro or con): Has very sheer coverage

Who would it be good for? People who don't have extremely dark undereye circles and have fair to medium skin.

Would I purchase this again? What do you think, 0.06 oz for $38? That's $633 for just one ounce of product. That's absolutely ridiculous. But hey, if you have the money and like the pros and don't mind the cons, then I guess, go for it?

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