Review: Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-in Treatment, Natural

/ Sunday, June 10, 2012 /

Received from MyGlam March bag

I received product from my March MyGlam bag.

My first thought: Oh! Kind of cool! Some kind of treatment for my hair!

Unfortunately, that was not the case in the long-run, when I actually tried out the product.

To use this product, you first open both sides of the package, then mix the two products from the packets together. I did that. Then, you rub it into your hair, and let it stay.

Oh my goodness! Yikes!

Even before I put the stuff into my hair, I smelled a strong chemical smell from the material, which at first I thought was fine. However, the stuff made my hair itch after awhile, and then made my scalp itch. Ugh. I actually have pretty good hair, like, long, shiny, dark brown East Asian hair. And it made it feel kind of icky and disgusting, as if I had gotten it dyed using some sort of strong chemical dye or something.

I eventually washed it out by shampooing my hair 2X and using conditioner.

Overall, what do I think of the product? Not a good rating. I know that MyGlam is a service that is trying to help people find and try out new products, so naturally I do not blame them for this. However, as for me, I threw the rest of the sample away. No thank you, not for me.

Cost: $38 per bottle (online at the Keracolor website)

No full-size purchase for me, definitely.

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