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Hey guys and gals,

I really want to apologize for my recent lack of posts. I recently had surgery and am at home, recovering. I will attempt to update more frequently, and put out more blog posts, but please forgive me if I cannot!

Random recent facts:
1. I just recently knitted a 6-foot scarf (in a perhaps futile effort to increase the agility of my hands to prep for all surgical-ly things to come).
2. Hot wing sauce has become quite awesome.
3. Have not really worn makeup in the last 3 weeks (due to the surgery and everything afterwards).
4. Still break out occasionally on my chin, and other parts of my face, during random moments of time.

I will leave you guys and gals with a few songs that I really like/recently discovered/are old favorites. Rock on everyone!


"Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jensen

"Too Close" - Alex Clare

"Savin' Me" - Nickelback

"Two Hearts Together" - Neimer


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