My Mascara Story + My search for the next great mascara

/ Wednesday, June 20, 2012 /

I am constantly searching for great drugstore mascaras to try. I usually look for drugstore mascaras because their life is usually 3-4 months long each (since I usually wear them just about every day), so if I buy high-end ones, the costs add up really really quickly.

I first started using mascara during my junior year in high school. Back then, I had just started wearing makeup, and did not know any tricks about how to apply the formula, how to wipe it off, what different numbers of coats meant, etc. As a result, I applied the formula on very poorly, and I just turned out looking like a panda. (Yes, I am Chinese, so a Chinese panda! lolz) At the time, I was using a high-end mascara - Estee Lauder's MagnaScopic - and I thought that if high-end mascaras would give me this effect, then drugstore ones would be worse. Yikes.

Anyways, because of the poor results I got - my disaster at using mascara - I stopped using it until my freshman year of college. My mom got me a CoverGirl Volume Exact, this time in the waterproof form. My freshman roommate taught me how to use mascara properly (thank you girl!) and I started using it again. However, I was still pretty wary of it, and did not truly start applying on mascara regularly until sometime during the middle of my junior year. It was around this time that I started watching more Youtube videos on how to do the whole makeup shindig, and I started practicing more and improving my technique. (It was also around this time that I started this blog!)

Fast forward to today. I've tried several different mascaras throughout time since then, and I've reviewed quite a few of them, and compared their results.

Here are the ones that I've tried so far, in reverse chronological order:

1. Maybelline Colossal in Classic Black, Waterproof
2. Maybelline Falsies in Black Drama, Waterproof
3. Almay One Coat Thickening Mascara, Black, Waterproof
4. CoverGirl LashBlast Volume, Black, Waterproof
5. CoverGirl LashBlast Length, Black, Water-resistant
6. CoverGirl VolumeExact, Very Black, Waterproof (sorry, in earlier posts, I had forgotten about this one!)
7. Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume, Black (not waterproof)

Note, of course, I'm going to get the black waterproof kind (because I have black eyelashes, and because I've had better experiences with waterproof mascaras holding up my short, stick-straight lashes). The other qualifications I look for in mascaras are: 1) smudge-proof, 2) long-lasting, 3) lengthening, 4) volumizing, 5) does not give the spidery-lash effect. Yes, very specific qualifications.

I've looked on several websites for mascara reviews, and I think I might find one of the following to try for my next mascara (I'm currently on a mascara "fasting period" right now, so no mascara for now):

-Lóreal Paris Voluminous
-Lóreal Paris Voluminous in Carbon Black
-Lóreal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black
-Lóreal Voluminous Million Lashes
-Lóreal Voluminous Naturale
-L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen
-Rimmel London Sexy Curves
-Rimmel London Lycra Lash Extender
-Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt
-Maybelline Full N' Soft
-Maybelline Define A Lash
-Maybelline Lash Stiletto
-Max Factor Volume Couture
-Max Factor Stretch & Separate
-Max Factor 2000 Calorie (I don't like that name...)
-NYX Doll Lash

Eehhh... that's too long of a list. I'll just go to a drugstore (when I get a chance) and see what brands are available. I saw on beautybroadcast that L'oreal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black, L'oreal Paris Voluminous, and L'oreal Paris Voluminous in Carbon Black are pretty good, so I think I might try one of those.

Anyways, if you've read this far down in the post, I applaud you! (I'm sorry this post is so long!)
So now, my question is, what mascara would you recommend, out of this long list, and if you have a recommendation for a good mascara that is not on this list, what would it be? Leave a comment please!

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