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/ Friday, February 1, 2013 /
Normally, I review skincare products and (sometimes) makeup products. I also do tag posts, lifestyle posts, OOTDs, etc.

This is one of the few times I blog about haircare.

I know that this sounds like a very negative post but I just want to make some things clear. I care about all parts of skincare, and hair is a part of it. It is made up of keratinized skin cells (dead skin cells) and comes out of all sorts of different parts of the body.

Today I'll talk about the hair on my head.


Once again, I apologize for such a negative-sounding title. I will just give my humble opinion on the subject.

I have semi-long, straight, dark brown hair. I am of East Asian descent. I have combination-oily skin.
I hardly ever straighten my hair (<10x/year) or blow-dry my hair (<3x/year). I put a serum in my hair most nights (usually when I remember). My usual haircare routine consists of (1) shampoo, (2) conditioner, and (3) hair serum.

I know that it is more wise to wash your hair with shampoo every other day but because of labs and such I feel pretty "gross" and wish to "cleanse away" everything afterward. Hence the daily hair washing thing.

Anyway, let's get started.
1. Vo5

This brand uses a lot of SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate) - a detergent found often things ranging from shampoo to toothpaste to even laboratory gels used to run DNA/RNA/proteins. Anyway, despite having many scents, this shampoo ALWAYS irritates my scalp and makes me shed a lot of hair. Uh-uh. And I always get an itchy scalp and hair afterward too.

2. White Rain - Same effect as Vo5.

3. Head & Shoulders - although this has been the touted brand for hair with dandruff, it has not worked for me. I normally do not have dandruff, but the few times I've used this I actually got dandruff after using it -_-

4. Sunsilk - itchy scalp, similar effects of Vo5/White Rain.


5. Herbal Essences - don't get me wrong; I love their scents and conditioners. However, for some reason this brand's shampoo makes me get patches of itchy scalp.

6. Pert - allergic reaction of sorts?

7. 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioners in general: The two ingredients combined together do not do their individual jobs properly. 'nuff said.

Pert Plus 2-in-1 Simply Fresh Shampoo & Conditioner - 16.9 oz Suave Men's 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Normal, Ocean Charge Pantene Pro-V Classic 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, All Hair Types

8. Yes to Carrots: Really expensive for a drugstore brand and is very drying.

9. Suave - similar reaction to Sunsilk.

10. Tresemme - I know, I know, Tresemme used to be my HG brand of shampoo/conditioner, but I've got to say that this shampoo really dries out my hair AND has SLES. My hair does not like it as much.

Yes. I know. That was a lot. I'm still searching for a good shampoo.

Here are the ones I've liked:
1. L'oreal Sulfate-Free

2. Aussie

3. Pantene ProV Nature Fusion

Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo by Procter & Gamble
4. Aveeno
In general, these shampoos (1) do not irritate my scalp as much, (2) do not give me dandruff, (3) are generally affordable. Plus they smell good. 'Nuff said.

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