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2009.09.29--Hard Night Good Morning Complete Line

I went to Central Market quite awhile ago and was able to receive several samples of products from this line. This line of products was developed by D'Andra Simmons - by using these products, she has been able to maintain her skin still to be dewey and fresh, despite being in her 40s!

Upon hearing that I was a skincare enthusiast/med student, the sales rep immediately proceeded to give me lots of skincare samples. (Thank you!)

Futurederm did a very good review of the overall line in 2009 (click here for the link) but I'd like to share my personal experiences with the products:

Thus, I got the:

 Facial Cocktail Serum ($70 for 1 oz)

Special ingredients include: "Baobab Extract, Rooibos Tea, Guarana Extract and Acai Extract"


  • Really hydrated my skin
  • Absorbed well
  • Made my skin burn afterward
  • Kind of inflammed my skin afterward
  • Is super expensive

 Eye Cream ($38.99 for 0.5 oz)

Special ingredients include: Suberlift , Lys'lastine, Lumin-eye, Eyeliss, CoQ10, baobab extract, arnica, and various botanicals

  • Lots of fancy ingredients (though their efficacy is debated in the Futurederm article)
  • Very emollient, very hydrating
  • A little goes A LONG way
  • Definitely felt like it was an effective product
  • Bad packaging (in jar)
  • Crazy price

 Nighttime moisturizer ($39.99 for 1.7 oz)

Special ingredients include: Gatuline® Age Defense, Gatuline® RC, Hematite Extract, Griffonia Extract, and a "bio-available" form of Vitamin C.

  • Very emollient, moisturizing
  • Didn't break me out, even though was emollient 
  • Bad packaging (in jar, so more susceptible to introducing bacteria in)
  • Crazy price

Overall, what do I think of this line? THIS is a good line. I like it. The only problem is the price. If it weren't for that, I would buy full-sized ingredients of this line.

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