Review: ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler

/ Tuesday, October 2, 2012 /

I first stumbled upon this jewel of a tool (lolz that rhymes!) about 2 years ago at Target. Back then, I had just truly first started trying out makeup seriously and was actually hilarified that people actually curled their eyelashes before applying mascara. Why would anyone do that? What's going on?

So I bought one for only $1 (the cheapest one I could find) from the local Target.

Results? Lo and behold, it actually quite worked. Before using this, putting on mascara was a nuisance because I felt that the mascara would just block my vision (I have short, stick-straight, thin eyelashes, yeah East Asian origin). However, after using this, I felt that my eyelashes would actually be out of the way, so long as my waterproof mascara could maintain a hold of it.

And yup it did.

To use it, you basically just put it up to your eyelashes and curl. Simple as that. It takes about 15 seconds to work. Then, you apply mascara.

I know, it looks like a weapon of sorts, but it's really not. It's just a simple tool.

My first eyelash curler lasted me about 1 yr. There's a pad that's in place to cushion your lashes; it falls apart after awhile, but there's a replacement pad in the box in case. However, after the two pads are gone, you're done with it.

However, my eyelash curler actually fell apart, due to the handles becoming chipped and natural wear and tear. Oh well. One year for $1? That's definitely a bargain. Some of the other eyelash curlers can cost up to $20 or more, and you would have to use them for 20 years to get the same deal.

I think I'll stick with this. It's good.

Would I repurchase the product? Well, I already have. My second one is currently in use.

Have a great day everyone!


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