How I clean my makeup brushes (requested)

/ Thursday, October 18, 2012 /

Okay, this is a post one of my friends requested, in person.

The typical makeup brush cleaner costs from $3 a bottle (ELF) to $18 or so (Ben Nye, Bobbi Brown).

My cost? very very little. Very inconsequential.

What do I use?

I literally just use my shampoo.

The theory is that makeup brushes are made up of hair, whether natural or synthetic, right? And what do you normally use to clean hair? Shampoo!

I'll take a little bit of shampoo and just swirl the brush in. Taking care not to contact the metal of the brush too much, I just wash the bristles, and lay them dry on a dish towel.

My costs? Probably pennies, perhaps 25 cents per year.

Pretty cheap.

Thaat is it.



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