Project X Pan - 2 month update

/ Thursday, September 6, 2012 /

In one of my previous posts, I listed several products I had wanted to use up (see pics above) in an effort to increase the "turnover rate" of my makeup/skincare supply, so to speak. Here is a ~2 month update:

1. Fresh's Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo: Finished about 1/3 of stick, still working on rest.

2. ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee: Currently use as brow pencil, and is shorter than the Wet N' Wild ColorIcon eyeliner. Still working on it.

3. Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Brow & Eyeliner in Dark Brown: No progress, will probably finish after finishing ELF coffee eyeliner (both will be used as brow pencil).

4. Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Cream (Light 4-5 shade) - Hit more pan, used more up.

5. CoverGirl's Eye Enhancer's 1-Kit Shadows in Pink Chiffon - Already all finished.

6. Santee’s Shimmer EyeStick in Blue - Haven't made any progress on this.

7. ELF's 27-piece Shimmer Palette: I've hit pan on several eyeshadow shades (on the left side of the palette). Will probably throw away the lipstick shades (they taste pretty nasty and do NOT smell right...)

8. Carmex Moisture Plus stick - done.

9. Fruitopia Hair Serum - still have about 1/7 or 1/8 of bottle left.

10. (Lately added) - Clean & Clear Finishes Even Tone Cleanser - done. Click here for my review on it.

I will retire the finished items - #5, 8, and 10 from the list, and will give updates on the rest of the stuff laterz.

We'll see how this next month of Project X Pan turns out!


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