Project X Pan Update

/ Saturday, August 4, 2012 /

In one of my previous posts, I listed several products I had wanted to use up (see pic above) in an effort to increase the "turnover rate" of my makeup/skincare supply, so to speak. Here is a ~1 month update:

Fresh's Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo: I have finished a bit of this stick, perhaps 1/5 of the way done. I'm still working on it.

ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee: I am currently using it as my brow pencil, and have used up about 1 inch of it. We still have a bit of a ways to go!

Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Brow & Eyeliner in Dark Brown - I actually haven't been using this one lately, as this is not a waterproof eyeliner and easily smears throughout the day when I'm in class and in the lab. I think I might just use it on my brows after I finish the ELF eyeliner.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Cream (Light 4-5 shade) - I've actually hit pan on this one. Yay!

CoverGirl's Eye Enhancer's 1-Kit Shadows in Pink Chiffon - I've finished it all. Yay!

Santee’s Shimmer EyeStick in Blue - I've used up a bit of it, so now I have to actually adjust the stick. However, it still has quite a way to go.

ELF's 27-piece Shimmer Palette: I've used up almost all of the brow powder, and have used up quite a bit of the eyeshadows, but still have barely touched the lipsticks/lip colors. I think I'm just going to throw all of those lip colors out because they are getting kind of sticky and gross from the powder fallout of the eyeshadows. Definitely not a repurchase.

Anyway, that's a month update for Project X Pan. I'm going to be adding two more products to the list:
1. Carmex Moisture Plus stick that I've been using, that is almost done. (A picture of a similar one is below - it was a product repurchase)

 2. Fruitopia Hair Serum - I have about 1/6 of the bottle left to use.

We'll see how this next month of Project X Pan turns out!


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