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/ Monday, July 23, 2012 /
Hey guys and gals,

I'm going to be starting med school really soon (today in fact), so I won't have a lot of time to review products. I will put up reviews, tips, advice, thoughts, etc, but if I don't put things up very often, please don't blame me. I will have blocks of time where I will literally probably be doing nothing but studying, sleeping, and eating (and perhaps not even the second two? huh). My point is, please don't hate me!

Also, I'm going to be changing this blog up a bit. I'm going to make this blog, vitamincgoodness, primarily focused on skincare, makeup, and in general, beauty-related topics. My other blog, medskolgirl, will focus on the other aspects of my life: my med school life (hence the eponymous title of the blog), my writing, my extracurriculars, my hobbies, etc. So yeah, just a heads up!



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