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/ Tuesday, July 17, 2012 /
Yesterday, I was able to have car access, so the first thing I bought was what I've needed for awhile - a new mascara.

Lolz, shouldn't I have gotten groceries instead? (or nutella?)

As you all know, I've been searching forever for a HG mascara. I have super short, stick-straight, East Asian eyelashes that point either straight out or sometimes even downward. (I wasn't endowed with the best eyelashes, right? XD) Thus, Whenever I look for a mascara, I look for a mascara that can do a lot for me.

Usually, I look for a mascara that:
-Preserves a curl (from eyelash curler)
-Does not smear or smudge
-Long staying power
-No flaking
-Gives dramatic results

I know guys, this is a lot. I'm not trying to seem superficial or seem to have too many high expectations for mascaras - I just hope that the mascaras I get will have many of these features.

After reading so many reviews, I decided to try L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof.

This mascara has been said to smear or smudge after a few hours, but I chose it because it is quite reputable for its intense black color. I really like mascaras that give dark, dramatic results, so I decided to go for it. The price was $5.84 at Walmart, so I thought it was a pretty good deal - after all, at CVS and Walgreens it runs for about $8 (at least).

I'll be using this mascara for about the next 3 months (the typical life of a mascara). After using it for awhile (perhaps for a few weeks), I'll write a review about it and put in my opinion. Just for past reference, here are the mascaras I've used before this (in reverse chronological order):

1. Maybelline Colossal in Classic Black, Waterproof
2. Maybelline Falsies in Black Drama, Waterproof
3. Almay One Coat Thickening Mascara, Black, Waterproof
4. CoverGirl LashBlast Volume, Black, Waterproof
5. CoverGirl LashBlast Length, Black, Water-resistant
6. CoverGirl VolumeExact, Very Black, Waterproof
7. Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume, Black (not waterproof)

We'll see what happens in the few upcoming weeks!

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