Question from Gossmakeupartist: What are your beauty regrets?

/ Wednesday, September 25, 2013 /
Here's another one from Wayne Goss!

This is a spin-off of a YouTube video originally created by Gossmakeupartist on YouTube, titling, "What are your beauty regrets?"

So thus I decided to also answer this question.

Here are my top beauty regrets:

  1. Not putting sunscreen onto my face and body early on in life - before I got freckles on my face, and for not understanding sunscreen until I was halfway through college.
  2. Not developing a good skincare routine until I was halfway through college, nor understanding proper skincare until that time as well.
  3. Overdesquamating/exfoliating my face when I first developed acne in the 8th grade/9th grade.
  4. Listening to just hearsay and customer reviews rather than understanding the science of how skin really worked and how to take care of myself properly.
  5. Not getting enough sleep in middle and high school and thus developing very large dark circles as a result.
  6. Not eating enough beauty foods and focusing on junk foods. Especially during my younger years.
  7. Not understanding the concept of lotion and once using Listerine as a way to "cleanse" my skin. I ran that stuff over my skin for ~30 min. Argh it burns!
  8. Not being careful during cooking and thus having ultra-scarred hands.
  9. Overplucking my eyebrows and getting ridiculed at.
  10. Using Nair. So itchy!
  11. Using black eyeliner for a brow liner. Hello unibrow Godzilla!
  12. Not blending in my eyeshadow properly.
  13. Using a water-based mascara and not curling my eyelashes beforehand; hello raccoon eyes and watering eyes!
  14. Wearing the wrong shade of concealer (too light).
  15. Sleeping with makeup on (happens more rarely now)
  16. Cutting my nails too short (ouch!)
  17. Leaving on old nail polish for 4+ weeks (hello yellow tinge!)
  18. Not putting Mederma on my old scars.
  19. Picking at my cuticles.
  20. Hunching my back while studying - so bad!!!
So there you go. There are more regrets but these are the ones that come out the fastest. Do y'all have similar regrets?


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