Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil - Dark Brown

/ Tuesday, July 9, 2013 /
A few weeks ago, I finished the Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Brow & Eyeliner in Dark Brown. I thus decided to hunt at the drugstore for a substitute eyebrow pencil. Hence, here you go!

I chose this pencil because it was the only one that had a brow grooming end (I do not have a brow grooming brush). Upon opening the package, however, I was definitely surprised. Initial examination of this pencil felt weird; instead of wood, it was actually made of PLASTIC!

I Had used it a little bit but then it seemed really weird. How was I supposed to sharpen the tip? Was this pencil only good for ~3 uses?

Well, eventually I found out online that you were actually supposed to sharpen the plastic. Weird but I tried it with my normal pencil sharpener for cosmetics and it worked. Thank goodness.


I definitely like the fact that the brush had a brow groomer - a 2-in-1 in some ways.

How did it perform though?

  1. Was very dark and waxy on my brows
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Did not easily smudge
  1. Relatively expensive for a drugstore brow pencil ($7 while there were others for less than $3)
  2. Feels weird to sharpen a "plastic" pencil
Bottom line, I think this pencil is an interesting phenomenon to try. I will, however, probably invest in a brow pencil and stick to wooden brow pencils from now on.


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