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/ Wednesday, April 10, 2013 /


Food stuffs:
  1. I think some things have to be inculcated into you. For example, I used to really dislike sparkling water and Indian food. Now I think both are delicious (and refreshing)!
  2. I think my appetite has really changed throughout the years. When I was in middle and high school, I used to eat A LOT. SERIOUSLY. A LOT. And I definitely gained a lot of weight. In college, freshman fifteen definitely happened - it was literally a buffet 3 meals a day. But now in med school I've lost weight. I cook for myself now and I notice that  don't eat as much.
  3. I reached Gold Status on my Starbucks card awhile ago, and a few days ago I got my first free drink (for every 12 drinks you buy). I decided to Google what kinds of interesting drinks people have concocted as a "celebration" to their monumentous 12 drink landmark. Some people have ordered drinks that cost up to $45!!! I decided to go with something more conservative yet delicious. A hazelnut macchiato, with chocolate drizzled on top, soy milk, venti sized, etc. Turned out to be a $7 drink XD
  4. Speaking of which, I'm kind of sad that I've developed such a high caffeine tolerance during med school. I think this past 1/2 year I've drank more coffee than both of my parents and my brother have in their lives (all combined). I think. And the weird thing is, I could probably drink 4 cups of coffee. And then, take a nap! O.O
  5. I love lemon bars. And tiramisu. I really dislike overly-sweet desserts.
  6. Pan du chocolat (pain au chocolat) is also a newly found favorite.
  7. Sometimes there will be formal meetings for formal conferences that med students are allowed to attend. Often times these events are subsidized (or free) for us. I personally think they're awesome. Lots of new cool info to learn, meeting interesting people, learn about their interesting experiences, make connections. And of course, get treated to five-star lunches and dinners. I kind of think that they are things to look forward to in life. Basically, at these meetings, get treated to events meant for royalty, and then go back to my condo afterward, get treated as a pauper. Of course, I'm overemphasizing, but it really shows the divide between what (heavily in debt) students live and what "real people" (people who actually make a positive salary) live.
  8. And speaking of that last point - I'm not complaining. I actually enjoy the contrast between these extreme ends of lifestyles/living. It makes me cherish the moments that I get when I go to these meetings and understand what life means outside of our current realm is. And of course, I know that people around the world may be worse off than I am. I may eat a lot of leftovers since I cook very few times a week, I may live off of frozen pizzas topped with celery during exam weeks, I (along with the rest of my classmates) may scour campus for free food on weekdays, but I am very grateful that I do have food, am not starving, have a warm roof over my head, and have friends and loved ones who are very close to me and enjoy sharing their lives with me.
  9. I often go through "phases" of foods. For example, I went through a phase where I wanted to eat fried rice. (Thank goodness I didn't get infected by Bacillus cerus XD) A udon noodles phase. A berries phase. A Kroger's fried wings phase. A cucumbers-and-milk phase (that actually lasted an entire summer!). A diet Coke phase. A chocolate-for-caffeine phase. You name it.
  10. Speaking of that cucumbers-and-milk phase: I basically ate only cucumbers and drank only milk that entire summer. It wasn't because I was trying to excessively diet; I was just... well, not really interested in food. Nevertheless, I lost 10-15 lbs that summer -_-


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