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/ Monday, April 8, 2013 /
Ultimate fob pose XD

Make-up/beauty/fashion/skincare stuffs:
  1. Skin shade: NC 25-30, depending on the season.
  2. I have acne-prone, combination-oily skin.
  3. I collect scarves. I think they're beautiful and can even serve as a substitute to jewelry in circumstances. Plus they're so warm and comfy!
  4. I don't wear foundation, bronzer, or blush. However, I do wear sunscreen.
  5. Often times, if I'm lazy during school days, I just go out with simple eyeliner on. Nothing else!
  6. I don't like lip balms, creams, chapsticks, etc with mint. It feels like it tingles my lips and reminds me of mouthwash.
  7. I'm trying to grow out my hair without getting split ends. Thus, tons of time spent on using conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and hair serums.
  8. Sometimes, after a few months of using the same makeup products, I'll just get tired of them. And then I'll switch onto new eyeshadow quads or new eyeliners or something. And then later I'll go back.
  9. I almost always follow expiration dates for mascara and liquid-y products. However, for things like eyeshadow, I use them up till they end completely.
  10. I've been using a lot more lip products this past year because of dryness to the lips and more cracking/bleeding during classes and stuff. 
  11. And on that note, I've been trying to find a waterproof lipstick/lip balm/lip stain. All of mine smear as soon as I drink or eat something.
  12. I love French braiding my hair. I learned it in order to increase the deftness of my fingers during my undergrad years while working in lab and doing microdissections for my research projects.
  13. Tweezing vs epilating vs waxing vs shaving? I've only really had success with tweezing and shaving. And I prefer tweezing - after all, the hair follicle grows back softer.
  14. Face masks are really refreshing but super expensive. For example, the My Beauty Diary masks are $1.50 each. This may not seem a lot by themselves but if you calculate it out, it costs $10.50/week if you use one every day. And thus $40+ per month. And that's the price of a gym membership!
  15. I used to really like buying ELF (EyesLipsFace) products because they were really cheap. And also because I was a beginner in makeup. Now I prefer either buying quality drugstore products or (very few) high-end products. For example, I'd rather buy 1 MakeUp Forever waterproof eyeliner a year than buy several cheaper eyeliners that smear. After all, I won't have time to touch up my makeup when I go to clinics and stuff. Why not invest?
  16. But going to that last point - there is no way that I think that high-end makeup brands are simply better than drugstore brands. For example, out of all of the mascaras I've tested, from ELF to Estee Lauder, I still think the Maybelline ones are the best I've tried. Just about every one of the Maybelline ones, in fact. I can buy a Maybelline mascara for $5 at the drugstore, whereas an Estee Lauder one is several times more expensive.
  17. On the other hand I do definitely agree that there are some things in high-end makeup brands that I haven't found in drugstore brands (at least so far). For example, MakeUp Forever's waterproof liquid aqua liners are some things I haven't seen paralleled by any other makeup brand, and that includes both drugstore and department-store quality.
  18. One thing I definitely will (sort-of) splurge on is sunscreen. After all, I don't want to get skin cancer!
  19. I think (roughly but conservatively estimating) about 200 of my friends have gotten engaged or married within the past year. I'm NOT joking.
  20. When I was younger, my skin used to be a lot darker than it is now. I used to play outside and stuff without any sunscreen on. With the hot Texas sun, yeah. I think I was somewhere between NC 40 and NC 44. During middle school and high school, we didn't have recess anymore (although I did have PE in middle school). Then in high school I hardly went outside due to my increased classwork load. So my skin got lighter. Despite being in the Texas sun. And so forth. Now my skin's NC 25-30, depending on the season. Who knows, perhaps it'll change again?


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