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/ Sunday, June 26, 2011 /
Hey guys,

First, I would like to apologize for the lack of blog posts recently. I've been through a lot of personal problems/troubles that have taken quite a long time to resolve. No worries - I will be posting up more posts soon =D

Ooh, that last phrase was quite redundant.... >_<

Anyways, today will be a weird post, in a way. Lots of my friends ask me what kinds of foods I like to eat, since mostly the things that I cook are Chinese/Korean dishes.

Of course, there are lots of things that I like to eat. However, on the other hand, I am a very picky person when it comes to eating. There are some things that in this world, while many people love to eat them, I do not like, or rather, perhaps even detest. So today, here are the things that I detest consuming....

1. Steak

Mouth-watering, juicy, huh? For me, it's just a big hunk of meat that needs to be sawed through, and can often be hard to chew and swallow. Sorry, no can do.

2. Hot wings

Yummy, you say? I don't like the sauce. And also, I just don't like eating chicken skin. Sorry...

3. Ice cream

While I love froyo and smoothies and slushies and sherbets and stuff, I feel that ice cream (not gelato, just normal ice cream) is way too rich. I'll tolerate it, but I won't enjoy it. Sorry.

4. Bitter cucumber

This is one of my least favorite vegetables. I just don't like the bitter taste, that's all. Sorry, even though it is Asian...

5. Rich Indian food

I do like Indian food a lot. Indian food that isn't very oily. I just don't like greasy food in general - it's way too oily, and I feel like that coating of the texture takes away a lot of the actual flavors the spices and other ingredients originally created. I just feel that too much oiliness in general is not palatable. Sorry.

6. Chai drinks/Chai spices

Tempt Your Tastebuds with Two New Exotic Chai Latt├ęs
Even though I do love coffee, hot chocolate, espresso drinks, etc very much, I just don't like Chai in general. I don't like the spicy flavor of it.

7. Cinnamon gum

Too spicy. Sorry...

8. Bacon

Too much fat! Fat drippings. Etc.

9. Canned sardines

Too much of a metal can taste...

10. Rice
So this is the one, the final one, that most people would find terrible for me to say. I just don't like it because it feels like just empty calories to me. A filler. Also kind of flavorless. I apologize for offending my roots. It's just something...

Anyways, that's all guys. I think 10 things are enough. Lolz. 

Please feel free to comment about what foods you dislike, what things that are traditionally liked but that you do not like, etc. 

See ya!


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