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/ Friday, June 10, 2011 /
Hey guys and gals,

Today I'm going to be doing review on Neutrogena's Oil-Free moisturizers, specifically, the Sensitive Skin and SPF 15 kind.
Neutrogena Moisture Oil-Free Formula, 4 Ounce  
I first tried the Sensitive Skin formula during the end of high school. Back then, I was breaking out a lot constantly, and I also had sensitive skin (I later grew out of it a little bit due to skin conditioning - more on that later). I put it on every morning and night. There's a little pump that is close-able to prevent the formula from drying out. The pump makes the solution quite sanitary. The formula worked quite well; I did not break out, and it moisturized my face.

However, later on, I realized that I needed to put sunscreen on my face during the daytime, especially since I live in the sunbelt. Uh-oh. I hate putting sunscreen on my face. It is really greasy, hot, and disgusting, and feels really sticky on my face. Fortunately, one of my friends recommended the SPF 15 formula to me. It was rated by Allure as a top product a while back. Hmm... I thought about trying it...

So a month ago, there was a CVS sale on Neutrogena skincare products; it was the typical BOGO 1/2 off sale. Of course, that's not a super fantastic sale, but I had a coupon as well, so I decided to use it. Cool beans.

Thus, I tried it starting a few days ago. It works really really well! I really like it, more than the Clean & Clear Finishes Pore Perfecting Moisturizer SPF 15 (I reviewed this product a while back). I like it much better, especially since it is less sticky than the Clear & Clear one.

Bottom line, I would definitely recommend using this for going outside and everyday daytime use. Using the Sensitive Skin formulation would be good for the night, but for people especially living in the sun belt, the SPF 15 kind is the way to go for the day.


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