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/ Wednesday, June 22, 2011 /
Sorry guys, I know this is such an early list.

However, this year, some crazy crazy stuff has happened to me. I just received some really bad news, and I'm feeling extremely down right now. I apologize for all of the extreme thoughts right here, but to cheer myself up, this is what I'd like for Christmas (materialistically):

1. A gift card to Amazon.com or half.com to buy textbooks
3. Nice earphones that are not too big for my ears and aren't so easily broken
4. LASIK!!!
5. Nice dresses
6. A pants suit (for work)
7. Asian gel pens for writing (very skinny pens)
8. Laser color printer
9. Gum!
10. Enough money to survive medical school and college
11. A bike
12. A car (small, preferably Japanese brand - they are the only ones that are small enough that a person who is as short as me can still ride)
13. Subscription to Netflix
14. Subscription to The Economist
15. A chance to live at a 5-star hotel for 3 nights in a row
16. A cruise to somewhere
17. Eye cream that actually works
18. Really cute shorts

Hopefully that's it? I'm sorry that these items are often so expensive. This is something that I could never even dream of owning (a lot of these things) till I get an actual job. This is just while I'm still dreaming. Just dreaming.



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