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/ Friday, January 17, 2014 /
During the time around my first board exam, one of the ways I cheered myself on was by buying/trying new things. The epilator, a set of paints, etc were all on board.

I realized that for clinics, I would've liked to have a variety of neutral eyeshadow shades to choose from for daily looks. I wanted to look for high-quality eyeshadows that would stay on for an extended period of time (helped by eye primer, of course). Something affordable would be nice, but at the same time I let myself have a splurge.

I bought the Naked 2 palette awhile ago but I had never used it. I realized that with the cool, taupey shades, my warm skin complexion would just clash and create a calamity of a bad makeup canvas result.

Thus, when I realized the rose-toned hues of Naked 3 came out, I decided to try to get it. How did I finance this? I sold my Naked 2 palette as well as another palette I also had (both brand new).

Thus, I was able to shell out the $52 for it.

By the time I finally accessed UrbanDecay's website, it was already sold out. Unfazed, I waited a few weeks until it went on sale at Sephora. Boom. Bought it.

A few days later, it came in the mail.

Whole package

Taken apart into 3 pieces

The actual eyeshadow box

Sample primers - all 4 kinds from Urban Decay

This is, in total, about a month's worth of primer (at least according to the package)

The beautiful shadows

Some awesome samples that came along

Swatches? Honestly there are tons of swatches online that people can look at. (Click these links for swatches from Temptalia and FrmHeadToToe) What I can tell you about are the shades:

Overall, I really liked the palette. 

  • Rosey-hued tones: Look nice on my skin
  • All of the colors are there for variety
  • Packaging. It's very sturdy and is definitely travel-friendly. 
  • Full-sized mirror for application help is definitely good on-the-go.
  • Super pigmented: just a little bit for a TON of color.
  • Brush: the dual-ended crease/shadow brush is definitely not a flimsy sponge applicator but rather the real-deal.
  • Fall-out: only the shade Dust (second from left) gave me trouble with fall-out. Annoying.
I know price is usually a heavy factor in my reviews but I thought about it, and honestly, the price is not bad.
The entire package cost $52. Subtract that with the $26 brush (for prices on the actual UD brushes click here). $26 left. $26 divided by 12 eyeshadows = $2.17 per eyeshadow. And that's a full-sized eyeshadow. That's comparable to Maybelline eyeshadow single prices. Not bad of a deal at all.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who (1) likes neutral shades, wants a variety, (2) wants to collect UD products, (3) enjoys rose-toned shades, and/or (4) wants to find a good deal for high-end makeup at drugstore prices. Ultimately, I think this was a great purchase and I look forward to lots of good use from this palette for the rest of medical school and beyond. I hope it works and lasts well!


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