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So there's a new show on the CW called Nikita.

It's absolutely fantastic.

Now, I've gotta say, there are some corny parts. The killed lover, mysterious stranger, themes of revenge and romance, deception and manipulation, all come into play. Typically, Nikita is about a teenage girl who is either homeless or a drug addict, and kills a cop or is framed for doing so. She then gets sent to jail, is sentenced to death, and one day, wakes up in a mysterious room. A guy named Michael tells her that an organization has recruited her to do things, and has decided to give her a new chance at life. Now, I'm not gonna spoil the rest of the story for you, but it's been shown in several forms before.

The original movie, which was French, was called "Nikita":

Then, the US created a movie in 1993 called the "Point of No Return":
Later it was turned into a show called "La Femme Nikita":

The latest one, on the CW, in season 1, is my favorite. Here, Nikita has gotten out of the organization she is in (which basically trains her to be an assassin) and is fighting against them. Along with many other interesting characters.

I've watched every episode of the series, and I seriously think that it's pretty good. It's definitely worth watching, even though there might be some cheesy moments. Look up times on the internet to find out when it airs in your area. Have fun!


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