On oily hair and haircuts

/ Monday, December 1, 2014 /
So recently, I chopped off about a foot of my hair.


Well, basically, I cut my hair about once or twice a year. Twice at most. Every time, the haircut is about the same: lots of layers, short side-swept bangs, curled in, thinned out, etc. I usually get it done when I feel like my head is "too heavy" and I start to get headaches - probably honestly from studying and staring at the computer too long, but hair /is/ a confounding factor, so whatever ;)

Anyway, this time, I got my hair cut really short. Probably the shortest since the fifth grade.

Right out of the hair salon.
Anyway, needless to say, I actually really like my haircut. But afterward, I noticed a few problems. I had to change the way I washed and dried my hair....

  • Oiliness - I noticed that my hair started getting much oilier than before. This is probably because despite shampooing, the sebum travels down my hair a lot faster than before, and now that it doesn't have to travel down as far for the sebum to reach the tips, the result is hair getting oily a lot quicker.
  • No more hair serums - beforehand, I used to put hair serum on my ends because they were so dry and "splitty." Now, it's the opposite. If I put any hair serum at all, the hair becomes much more oily and gross the next day.
  • Back to the hair iron - My hair now looks like a "square" every morning, so I have to painfully iron it all into place. That is, unless I just put it into a half-ponytail and forget about it.
  • Less shampoo and conditioner - that's a money-saver, at least.

Bottom line, I'd say my haircare routine is easier, and I'm super happy with it. It's easy to work with and I don't worry about much, except when I really want my hair down.


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